Bogdan Ilie Presents: The Three Strategies to Get MORE Leads and More CUSTOMERS FAST For Your Small Business

Advanced Webinar: The 3 strategies and processes I’ve used to build a
6-figure business, leveraging the internet & the power of sales and marketing automation

WARNING: This are ADVANCED Integrated Marketing Strategies and Compounding Business Growth Methods


What You Will Learn On The Webinar...

Hi, my name is Bogdan Ilie and I am the author of the book “SYSTEMS in BUSINESS” I am an entrepreneur, since 2005, and a small business owner, just like you.

On a daily basis I am working as a business strategist adviser, internet marketing and strategic business management specialist with clients and companies that are makeing six, seven and eight figure in revenue a year.

I want to invite you to this special webinar and I'll be really honored if you'll accept my invitation to participate.

During this free online training we'll be focusing on two main goals:

 My first goal in this webinar is to share with you - in a practical, step by step and very efficient way - my most effective 3 strategies and processes I’ve used to build a  6-figure business, leveraging the internet & the power of sales and marketing automation - so you can apply them immediately in your business.

 My second goal is to offer you, in the most transparent way possible, the opportunity to take advantage of a "done for you services" to implement those strategies and processes in the most efficient, fast and profitable way into your business.

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 You have to know that the same principles, strategies and tactics that you will learn in this online class has recently brought me over $ 200,000 just in one on one private coaching, and earned over ten million dollars in revenue for my clients, in the past three years alone.

 Everything is tested and proved that is working and the more important is that these strategies and processes bring results.

So,  register and participate with confidence to this special and unique online master-class.

Bogdan Ilie

 Free Bonus: The 4 blueprints of the exact business processes I used to achieve the results.

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07 Apr, 2016 20:00 PDT
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* WARNING: This webinar is DIFFERENT from what you're used to.  In it, I will walk you through specific and actionable strategies and processes that are working RIGHT NOW. 
But this is NOT for "get rich quick" people, "biz-opp" people, or amateurs.  If you're looking for some sort of "easy button", then this is not for you.

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